Status Update

It has been a while since we’ve updated our website, so I thought I’d post a little something here.. As you might imagine, COVID-19 definitely put a damper on our ability to hold meetups. Prior to that whole mess, we were also having some trouble finding good locations to resume our sessions. Hopefully we’ll be able to rejuvenate our Meeting of the Minds sessions later in 2021.

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Meeting of the Minds - Hackathon Ed.

Scheduled for Thursday, September 6th @ 5:30pm

Location: Bonner Springs City Library

Rescheduled to September 6th!

For MotM #15, we’ve got something special planned! Unfortunately, we need a bit more time to put it all together. Instead of the normal presentation on a given topic, we’d like to invite folks to come and have a go at one or more of the technologies that we’ve covered over the past year. This could mean that you have a go at implementing ZeroMQ, or you finally get around to running through that Python tutorial you were looking at. Whatever it may be, join us for a fun time!

We’re working on getting some laptops provisioned for folks to use as well, so if you don’t have a machine to use we can help you out. Stay tuned for more details and information!

Another mention on the JetBrains front: PyCharm 2018.2 was released recently with support for Pipenv and a lot more! Read more on their What’s New page! We’ve been blessed to have JetBrains as a continued sponsor for KC Tech Group–we thank them for their support. We’re also pretty excited about their latest releases!

Anybody who is interested in diving into some Python during our Hackathon in September can definitely dip their toes into PyCharm at the same time. I’ll be there proclaiming its wonder. 😀

Have a great rest of the summer, and we’ll see you in September! Happy Coding!

–Kevin Collins

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Meeting of the Minds #14

Scheduled for Thursday, July 5th @ 6:30pm

Location: Third Space Coffee House

Summer is here for sure and the heat reminds us daily of the contrast of Kansas seasons. We had a brief reprieve with some cooler temperatures earlier in June. Thankfully there has been some rain recently which has helped quell the otherwise persistent heat. Alright, so weather not withstanding, what’s going on in July with KC Tech Group? We’re covering ZeroMQ in all of its patriotic glory this month! That’s right, just because July 4th is on Wednesday doesn’t mean we’re resting easy. 😎

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