Summer is here for sure and the heat reminds us daily of the contrast of Kansas seasons. We had a brief reprieve with some cooler temperatures earlier in June. Thankfully there has been some rain recently which has helped quell the otherwise persistent heat. Alright, so weather not withstanding, what’s going on in July with KC Tech Group? We’re covering ZeroMQ in all of its patriotic glory this month! That’s right, just because July 4th is on Wednesday doesn’t mean we’re resting easy. 😎

ZeroMQ is a distributed messaging infrastructure that you can add to your application with relative ease. Learn more about it by reviewing the Learn the Basics section of their website. There are even some nice videos there to bring up into context quickly. However, one great way to learn more about it is to join the discussion at our next Meeting of the Minds session this Thursday! We’ve reserved space at Third Space Coffee House so you can enjoy some tasty coffee, dinner and/or snacks while learning about ZeroMQ!

Also, don’t forget about our monthly raffle of a free license to one of JetBrains great products!

If you’re a fan of great tools that really help increase your productivity and efficiency, JetBrains is definitely one to check out. We thank them for sponsoring KC Tech Group!

That’s it for now. We look forward to seeing you and hope you can join the discussion at Meeting of the Minds #14! See you there! Happy Coding! 🧐

–Kevin Collins