Rested 😴 and refreshed 😌, KC Tech Group’s Meeting of the Minds (MotM) sessions are back for 2018! We’re kicking things off with a presentation on Jupyter Notebook. This interesting project gives you a way to combine all sorts of content including live code from multiple languages, documentation, and interactive visualizations as well!

Rather than spill all the beans, let’s just plan on stopping by Third Space Coffee House in Bonner Springs, KS at 6:30pm on Thursday, February 8th for some great coffee, company, and tech discussion!

We’ll be continuing our raffle for a JetBrains s.r.o. product license in 2018, so if you’re at all interested in their great developer tools and products, this is a great way to possibly win a free license! Even if you don’t, check out their community offerings that are available free of charge! It has been great to have JetBrains’ support for our group and we’re happy to welcome them back as a sponsor for 2018.

We’ve got some other MotM topics lined up for 2018, let us know through our Slack group if you’ve got some other ideas or would like to do a presentation! So far, here are some of the topics on our radar:

  • The Things Network
  • Block-chain Technology and Cryptocurrency 💰
  • your topic idea here 🤨

I’m looking forward to keeping things going in 2018. Happy Coding!! 😎

–Kevin Collins