🦃 Turkey Day is over and I’m certainly a bit sluggish after eating way too much over the holiday! Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect about some of the things that we’re thankful for though, and while family and friends definitely rank highest on my list, I find myself thankful for some of the great technologies we get to interact with and leverage from day to day.

For MotM-8, we’ll continue discovering (together!) some of the latest and greatest trends in computing and automation. We’ve got a sneak peak at Hilscher’s NetPi platform as well as an introduction to some of the technologies it is using. We’ve covered Node-RED in the past (MotM-5), and this time around I’ll be giving an introduction to Docker and container technology. Sure, you can go through the Getting Started guide on Docker’s website, but why not enjoy some tasty coffee and dinner at Third Space Coffee House in Bonner Springs, KS (directions are on their website) while I help distill it down! We’re getting started with the official stuff at 6:30pm on Thursday, December 7th, 2017, but feel free to come early for food and conversation!

I’d like to thank JetBrains s.r.o. for their continued support of KC Tech Group! I hope to have some of our members reflect in one of the next meetings on some of the projects they’re working on with the JetBrains tools. We’re going to be raffling off a license to one of JetBrains’ incredible IDEs/development tools at MotM-8! Check out their site for some of their other community offerings, they’ve got some great ways to get started with some great new technologies.

Don’t forget to join us on our Slack group! See you in December, happy coding! 👻

–Kevin Collins